Full Fixed Arch Bridges

What is a Full Fixed Arch Bridge?

A Full Fixed Arch Bridge treatment is usually for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth due to age, accident or disease.

The process usually involves the removal of terminal teeth, the placement of four to six implants, and the immediate fabrication and delivery of a fixed, or non-removable, set of replacement teeth. This is all accomplished in one day, usually within four to six hours!

Who is a Candidate for a Full Arch Implant Bridge?

People who are about to lose their teeth or are already wearing dentures in the upper or lower jaw are ideal candidates for a full fixed arch treatment.

The treatment is truly a team effort between your dentist, the surgeon, and a qualified laboratory technician. Your dentist and the surgeon will work closely together to diagnose and plan for your comprehensive oral rehabilitation which can include a cone beam CT scan (CBCT) to more accurately and concisely plan the correct and ideal implant placement. Your dentist will take models of your teeth and jaw and collaborate with the lab technician on the best alignment and position of the replacement teeth.

After this careful planning, your appointment will be scheduled and coordinated to have your dentist and the lab technician present during the surgery. Once the implants are placed, your dentist and the lab technician will work together to fabricate and insert the fixed set of teeth. This process is usually completed within two to three hours.

What are the Advantages of Full Fixed Arch Bridges?

Diagram of a full fixed arch bridge

Treatment time is greatly reduced! Traditional implant treatment for someone missing most or all of their teeth often involves the extraction of teeth, bone grafting into the sinuses for upper implants, or grafting into the lower jaw for lower implants. These procedures add significant waiting time before implants can even be placed. The All-On-4® treatment, or full fixed arch treatment, means the immediate placement of implants on the same day of extractions. It also means that an interim removable denture doesn’t have to be worn during the healing period since the teeth are attached to the implants the same day as surgery.

Costs Of Treatment

The cost of treatment is usually less than traditional implant placement. A traditional 3-4 tooth bridge mount may cost you on average $8,500. Costs increase depending on the condition of your existing jaw bone and gums. A full set of upper or lower dentures supported by implants costs $25,000 per jaw at Merrifield Oral Surgery Center. The $25,000 includes the:

  • Initial Consultation
  • General Anesthesia
  • CAT Scan
  • Extractions and Implants
  • Lab Fees
  • Dentist Fees

Simply attempting to replace all 28 functional teeth with dental implants is impractical and not recommended. Learn more about what to consider when getting dental implants here

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